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July 2013

TOTAL Escape : Slenderness and longevity with pleasure


Total Escape is the first Ukrainian magazine about rest and tourism. It is intended for those, who expects to get the bright, exciting, unforgettable impressions from immersion in a culture, way of life and local colour of surprizing and unexpected tourist sights all over the world.

February 2012

Trendhunter: ITIS Cafe cups is a stir !

54.jpg is the world's largest, most popular trend community. Trendhunter appreciates collection of drinks and packaging from ITIS Café as: “impressive line of beverages” and “astonishing cups”. “Clever, creative and visually stunning, the ITIS Cafe cups are sure to cause a stir”.


February 2012

Packaging of the World on ITIS Cafe Package Innovations

risunok1.jpg is one of the most prominent portals of creative package design.
Packaging of the World (POTW) is a U.S. online magazine that selects the most interesting and recent solutions in the field of design.
A collection of “to go” beverage glasses from ITIS Cafe has been noted by POTW for an unusual “transparent cardboard” idea.

May 2011

In the world of beautiful shopping


American blog about beautiful things GO MONEY WAYS publishes only the freshest novelties and best propositions in the world of "beautiful shopping".

May 2011 New Lounge&Boutique Niche Brand

popsop_01.jpg — is a trusted source of the latest news on brands and trends in the worldwide FMCG & luxury markets.

May 2011

ITIS Café was noted by the leading website of the Food & Beverage industry

psssst_01.jpg is an international website, which is translated into 58 languages and specializes in the Food & Beverage industry.  is the first and only website, publishing the most uncommon ideas, connected with food staffs. ITIS Café project was noted by Psssst  for the innovative approach to the products presentation and development of its own beverage collection.

April 2011

ITIS Café in the list of the hottest novelties of the world

bitsnipe_02.jpg – all the latest and the hottest buzz on one website. is an American portal that renews the list of the most sensational breakthroughs, inventions, research and science information updates that's happening around the world.

April 2011

Global community of the creative industry


Newwebpick – is one of the most reputable global community platform for the creative industry for 10 years. The professional team of Newwebpick is seeking the most talented designers and artists, architects and decorators from all over the world and publishes their works on its website

April 2011

Canadian design website: Black is the new black


ITIS Café project was noted by the Canadian design blog Branding / Identity / Design for the uncommon design under Retail Category. The blog is showcasing the finest quality work and ideas by influential designers and craftsman of today and yesteryear.

April 2011

ITIS Café on one of the most authoritative design websites of the world

designboom_01.jpg (news of art, design, architecture) is one of the most authoritative design websites of the world. Only the best design from all over the world is published here.
About 400 000 people visit this website every day. Among them the leading architects, as well as people, wishing to live stylishly and be well informed about the freshest design. Read the article dedicated to ITIS Café on the