News May 2012: Art of flowers by Ariella Chezar in ITIS Cafe

Ariella Chezar - one of the most successful and well-known USA florists all over the world. Her works adorn the White House. Such magazines as Oprah, San Francisco Chronical, Victoria are devoting to them articles.  Ariella is not overly fond of publicity, but prefers just to do what she likes.

So the florist-master from New York specially arrived to ITIS Cafe to share her huge experience and secrets of work with flowers.

"My basic principle - is natural. The most natural – the better. Also, before beginning the creation of floral arrangements, I will carefully examine what  prefer  my customer. Favorite season, hobbies, color of clothing and of course the flowers ... I'm start to feel the world of another person, and it is very interesting! "

In the USA, Ariella especially revered as a master of wedding floristics. It cooperates with the major wedding agencies in New York and Los Angeles. And every American bride dreams to have bouquet and the flower decor from Chezar on her wedding.