News December 2011: ITIS Café is a participant of the charitable Holiday Charity Bazaar

On December 3rd, in the period of preparation for the New Year holidays, an annual IWCK Holiday Charity Bazaar charitable event took place in Kyiv.

International Women’s Club of Kyiv (IWK) holds similar events for about 10 years, inviting representative of different cultures. This year the desserts from ITIS Café were chosen to present the Japanese culture, and the gains from sales were allocated to charitable purposes.
Toishi Sakata, Japan’s Ambassador to Ukraine, on the results of oarticipation of the ITIS Café in the Holiday Charity Bazaar:     
“Let me express my sincere gratitude to you and you company for cooperation and assistance in the annual IWCK Holiday Charity Bazaar charitable event. Thanks to your efforts and efforts of the other participants, the Japanese stand, except for sponsor donations, gathered a total of 56,100.00 UAH, which were handed over to the IWCK for a charitable program. All funds will be used exclusively to assist children and other Ukrainians who really need it. Owing to this we do hope to see smiles on faces of many Ukrainians.”